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Re: updating a package with upstream cvs snapshot

On Sun, Jun 20, 2004 at 07:29:28AM +0200, Tommaso Moroni wrote:
> One of the packages I maintain has an RC-bug which has been
> corrected in the upstream cvs, and I'd like to incorporate
> those changes in order to get rid of that bug.
> Are there any guidelines about how to do it?

Unless the bugfix is *very* large and invasive, you're best off
cherry-picking the changes out of CVS (annoying with CVS, as it doesn't
easily show you a changeset across several files) and applying them to your
own tree (either with dpatch or directly to the source files so it shows up
in the .diff.gz).  Then remove it again when the next upstream version is

Releasing a CVS snapshot is likely to be far more trouble than it's worth,
because there'll be a pile of other bugs in there most likely, which you'll
have to triage and fix somehow.

- Matt

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