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Re: localepurge (was: How to handle translations within debian (was: a rant))

> Marc, who would also want to skip docs and manpages from being
> unpacked
I don't see how to do this without shipping them apart ...
And shipping them apart seems to me a bad idea, since it will be then a
lot of things the packager will have to look after ... to check, etc ...

I really don't see how to achieve such a thing without rewriting a big
part of apt, which I assume, is not a that great idea.

Moreover, templates for debconf and such softs are not _that_ big. and
big l10n package are shiped in separate packages (manpage-*, kde-i18n-*,
mozilla-*-*, etc ...)

Moreover, I run localpurge not from the beginning, and the first time i
ran it, it purged less than 50Mo files on a system that took about 4Go
(without logs and confs) wich make a ration of less than 2 or 3%. And
on my router, that has about 500Mo of datas from debs, there was less
than 25Mo purged... wich is less than 5% ...

moreover, in the deb package, files are compressed, and text files have
often a _very_ good ratio, so I don't think they will weight so much in

The only real question about l10n (at every level : debconf, manpages,
whatever) is a synchronization problem, since I assume we don't want a
package upload to be delayed until every l10n team has ended his work.
So maybe here there is some things to think at. But the space problem is
(IMHO) irrelevant.
Pierre Habouzit

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