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Re: fingerprint of the archive signing key

also sprach Brian Nelson <pyro@debian.org> [2004.06.29.1829 +0200]:
> >> There's no such thing as a trustworthy company.
> >
> > You're funny.
> And he also speaks the truth.  Think about it.  What motivation
> does a company have to be trustworthy?  The /appearance/ of
> trustworthiness may matter since in this case, it would affect the
> bottom line.  However, any company would do something dodgy to
> make an extra buck as long as its outward appearance was not
> affected.

Fortunately, not all companies work that way (yet). In fact, the
company I work for (which is not Trustcenter) ranks quality above
revenue. That's because of pedantic people like me. It's not the
best practice there is, because in the long run it does not
guarantee survival, but it's the game you play, and I prefer to play
with open cards. That's what our customers appreciate and their main
motivation for choosing us.

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