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Re: [RANT] French translation for debconf templates stucked at 90% : analysis

Marc Haber wrote:

> Usually, I am not impressed by the translations because
> they usually feel clumsy and awkward to me, as if I were
> explaining the things to a child. Strangely, most German
> translations of commercial software doesn't sound that
> clumsy - probably because I don't know the english
> version?
> I'd like to know whether I am the only one who feels
> uncomfortable with technical software in the native
> language.

I know people who feel like you.  But personally, I am not
all that impressed by the "English" texts in programs.  Of
the translations I use (da, fo, nn, nb and sv), the Swedish
ones seem best (and quite a bit better than the originals).  
But maybe the reason I rate Danish translations below the
Swedish ones is that I know the specific problems and
discussions behind the Danish translations.

Anyway, we shouldn't say too much about the quality of texts
written in other languages than our respective

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