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Re: Freeswan in Debian, or: Why I am such a bad maintainer

Marc Haber wrote:
I have tried openswan yesterday and it seems to be able to communicate
with freeswan. So I will update my freeswan gateways one after the
other in the next few days/weeks.

Go ahead. I hope that openswan sucks less than freeswan and the
native 2.6 stuff.
It does. I've tried :) As long as you don't need AES right now with KLIPS, it should provide everything that freeswan did, but without the highly-incompatible patch-mess.

May I suggest creating a pkg-openswan project on alioth, along with a
-devel mailing list?
The good thing is: it actually shouldn't be necessary. Most of the Debian packaging is already included in upstream 2.1.4, so I will mostly do compiles, uploads, and send patches their way whenever I fix bugs in or enhance the Debian packaging stuff. There is already a discussion about a Debian IPSec mailing list going on.

best regards,

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