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Re: Does anyone have a script to query users about bugs they submitted ?

Thomas Viehmann <tv@beamnet.de> writes:

> Jean-Michel Kelbert wrote:
>> I am looking for a script to send a mail to all users who submitted a
>> bug to my packages to ask them if the bug is already present. As a
>> matter of fact this script should send the mail under certains
>> circonstances for example :
> IMO, sending automated mails to the BTS is a bad habit altogether.
> If you expect users to take the time to report bugs, you probably should
> take the time to answer and follow up to them.
> I think that the BTS and maintainer responsiveness has been part of what
> makes the Debian user experience positive and automated responses
> "please all submitters of bugs to me do foo" will harm that.
> Cheers
> T.
> -- 
> Thomas Viehmann, <http://thomas.viehmann.net/>

The script could just list the bugs falling under those conditions or
generate a webpage with links into the BTS for easy access to work
needing bugs.

In case you do go ahead to write such a script there is a LDAP
interfacefor debbugs you can use to access bug informations.

Here are two example calls someone gave me a while ago:

ldapsearch -h bugs.debian.org -p 10101 -x -b

ldapsearch -h bugs.debian.org -p 10101 -x -b
        dc=current,dc=bugs,dc=debian,dc=org -S debbugsPackage "$q" debbugsID 
        debbugsPackage debbugsTag debbugsTitle debbugsDate -z 20000 > 


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