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Re: Bug in description of menu or bug in lintian: executable-in-usr-lib-menu

On Mon, 14 Jun 2004, Bill Allombert wrote:

> 99.9% [1] of files in usr-lib-menu should not be executable, so it is
> reasonnable for lintian to issue a warning. However it is labelled as an
> error (E:) here which is not in accordance with lintian definition of E:,
> it should be W:.
OK, this was one option for me to file a bug report.

> The menu manual say that menu-methods scripts should be non-executable
> and made executable in the postinst.
> However files in /usr/lib/menu are not menu-methods but menu files
> and should not be handed this way.
Ahhh, thanks for this clarification

> For executables menu entries files, you must put them executable in the
> .deb and do not mess with the x bit in postinst. Else update-menus could
> choke while trying to parse the file if the installation abort.
> I hope that clear your concerns,
OK, so what I have to do is:
  1. File a bug report against lintian to s/^E:/^W:/.
  2. Use /usr/share/lintian/override/cdd-common to hide the warning
     because it is exactly what I intended.


BTW, what do you think about the fact that lintian also regards


as an "Error"?  IMHO it should also be a "Warning" (and yes, I will hide
it also by overrides).

Kind regards


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