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Bug in description of menu or bug in lintian: executable-in-usr-lib-menu


I'm preparing new cdd-Packages and faced a new lintian error message:

  E: cdd-common: executable-in-usr-lib-menu usr/lib/menu/cdd-menu 0755

I think it is lintian bug.

The doc in /usr/share/doc/menu/menu.txt.gz says something about
non executables in the packages and making them executable in the
postinst - but this seems to be stupid.

The maintainer of menu told Cosimo Alfarano to use this executable
srcipt to accomplish a certain goal (it should only do something if
a *user* calls update-menus, not if root calls it).  For this reason
update-menus is neither called in postinst nor postrm by intention
which can be fixed by lintian.overrides.  But in the case above I
see no reason in providing a non executable and make it executable
in the postinst.  Any reason for that?

Kind regards


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