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Re: Bug#248043: Debian AMD64 Port Ready

On Sat, Jun 12, 2004 at 05:39:00PM -0700, mike wrote:
> I am wondering - how long will it be before this can be installed using a
> normal debian installer? anyone have an ETA or a URL that includes the
> instructions on how to load this port (and not the "install 32-bit mode,
> then upgrade to 64..." biarch type stuff)
> I really want to use my opterons to their fullest and I have a chance in
> the next few days to ask my provider to install this pure amd64 port vs.
> the normal i386 one.

debian-installer already works as I mentioned in my announcement. I
personally installed debian amd64 on my laptop last night and besides a
minor issue with country chooser not working correctly and the kernel
being too old for my laptop (the eMachines M6807 has some major acpi
issues, which are solved in 2.6.7-rc) it worked fine.


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