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Re: Debian AMD64 Port Ready

Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> writes:

>> not ship with AMD64 arch support since by 2007 (sarge+1) all desktop
>> systems will be AMD64/EM64T/IA32E based. BTW Intel is expected to enable
>> the 64bit extensions on the P4 3.2GHz+ chips by the end of August 2004.
> Since the amd64 CPU is fine running i386 code, how could the i386 port
> be useless?

Because one paid for the 64bit stuff and wants to use it?

It is totally silly if we release without it, EXCEPT if we release
within the next week. For every time after that we should include it,
as the major parts are finished (according to the stuff I see).

IMO The release next week will not happen, so we need to release AMD64
with sarge, everything else would make the damage just too big.
We would be useless on one of the (maybe) most common architecture in
the next years (until sarge+1, which will happen in 2010 or something,
looking at our current release speed).

bye Joerg
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