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Re: dehs and new watch files... was: Re: uscan over all packages....

Il mar, 2004-06-08 alle 03:27, Michael Bramer ha scritto:
> > 
> > http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2004/05/msg01624.html
> very good.
> I like to add watch files to any debian package. Can we add some
> 'watchfile override file' to dehs? 
What do you mean about "watchfile ovverride file" to dehs?

> How should we manage the watchfile generation? Have someone already some
> thoughts about this task?
What do you want to know about "managing the watchfile generation"? Do
you mean how to use dehs automatically generated watch file to put it in
the packages? I had experimented 3/4 whishlist or minor bugs fill
against packages that haven't Watch with an attached file as patch.
The Watch file is inserted in this packages, but it couldn't be a
general solution bacause anybody of us want a "mass bug filling".


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