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Re: dehs and new watch files... was: Re: uscan over all packages....

On Wed, Jun 09, 2004 at 05:02:49AM +0200, Bluefuture wrote:
> Il mar, 2004-06-08 alle 03:27, Michael Bramer ha scritto:
> > > 
> > > http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2004/05/msg01624.html
> > 
> > very good.
> > 
> > I like to add watch files to any debian package. Can we add some
> > 'watchfile override file' to dehs? 
> > 
> What do you mean about "watchfile ovverride file" to dehs?
> > How should we manage the watchfile generation? Have someone already some
> > thoughts about this task?
> > 
> What do you want to know about "managing the watchfile generation"? Do
> you mean how to use dehs automatically generated watch file to put it in
> the packages? I had experimented 3/4 whishlist or minor bugs fill
> against packages that haven't Watch with an attached file as patch.
> The Watch file is inserted in this packages, but it couldn't be a
> general solution bacause anybody of us want a "mass bug filling".

I like dehs. But it don't work, if a package don't have a watch file. 

Because of this, I like to add/fix watch files to _all_ packages. We can
make some packages per script, but some packages must fixed with a hand
written watch file.

I don't like to "mass bug filling" and I don't like to wait for all this
new uploads. 

one solution:
 - watch ovverride:
   dehs use the debian/watch from the package source. If the package
   don't have a debian/watch, it use its own watch for this
   package (if its has a own). 
   If a debian/watch from the package source don't work, it use its
   own watch. 
 - We ask some debian user to submit the debian/watch for there
   packages. With this we can get a watch for any debian package in
   some months. 
   But we need to manage this work. 
   We need some system, that
     1.) send a user on request the copyright file of a package with out 
         a working watchfile
     2.) get a watch file some this users
     3.) and test it and put this watch file in the dehs ovverride


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