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uscan over all packages....


I am still in Porto Alegro (DebConf) and I write a 'check if upstream
version is newer as debian version' script.

The script:
  Get the data from the laboratory from lintian.debian.org and get all
  source packages with a debian/watch file. After this it call uscan
  and check if it finds a newer version upstream.

Some stats:
  8147 source packages in laboratory
  1057 with debian/watch
   467 packages are up to date
   159 Newer version available on remote site (with some false positiv)
    82 no matching files
    59 the debian version is newer than the upstream...
    44 Timeouts
    46 with bad hostname
    12 pattern missing version
     6 404 File not found

   378 use the old watch file version 1

Ok. 335 packages have a broken watch file (31%) and 7090 (87%) don't
have any watch file. 626 Packages have a working watch file (7% from
all Packages) and 25% from this are outdated.

IMHO this are no nice numbers.

You can find the list of the outdated packages on

I like to fix the brocken watch files and to write new watch files for
the missing packages.


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