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Re: fighting spam || avoiding spam

On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, Duncan Findlay wrote:

> SpamAssassin may check more headers than are necessary, i.e. it will
> check forged headers added by spammers, but that can only improve it's
> hit rate and reliability, not decrease it.

That was exactly my point. SpamAssassin may check more headers than
are necessary. If your machine is in the XBL but you relay your
messages via your ISP's SMTP server (which is supposed not to be),
then your IP will be in one of the Received: headers. However, that
should not count as a "false positive" because no Debian machine would
reject such email with the suggested GR (only your ISP's SMTP server
IP would be considered).

By a "more sophisticated script" I meant a script which does not just
merely pass messages to spamassassin as a "black box", but instead
one that takes in account the exact and single Received: header which
should be considered in each case.

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