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Re: libgdiplus maintainer not closing bugs

#include <hallo.h>
* William Ballard [Sat, Jun 05 2004, 08:25:49PM]:

> > Yeah, the "mono" *METAPACKAGE*. All important components were still
> > installable and upgradeable.
> It breaks mono-jit.

Dude, read at least the package descriptions before making such
assumptions. mono-jit and mono-assemblies-base are installable without
mono-assemblies-arch (jeez, that is the required chain to bootstrap mcs
on a new platform).

Mono is currently completely broken in Unstable but because of other
reasons. Because of an timing miscalculation, the mono package was
accepted but others got stuck in incoming. Just wait another week or
read other bugs before reporing newer ones. (And yes, the next time we
will use experimental for such transitions).

And now, please move this discussion to the appropriate mailing list,
see Cc.

Das Werk soll den Meister loben!
		-- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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