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libgdiplus maintainer not closing bugs

I reported this bug on libgdiplus.  The maintainer is not doing a very 
speedy job of closing bugs or keeping mono installable!  (Is there a 
debian-mono list?)

Subject: libgdiplus: uninstallable with libmono0 0.91-1
Package: libgdiplus
Version: 0.5-3
Severity: normal

There's a version mismatch between libgdiplus and the latest mono
packages, causing package "mono-assemblies-arch" (and consequently
"mono") to be uninstallable.

Note this bug is an exact analog of 244697, which is 47 days old and 
should have been closed by now, because libgdiplus 0.2-2 installs fine 
with 0.31-2.

The maintainer is not keeping libgdiplus properly up to date or closing 
bugs when they should be closed!

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