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Re: libgdiplus maintainer not closing bugs

#include <hallo.h>
* William Ballard [Sat, Jun 05 2004, 07:14:05PM]:
> > * William Ballard [Sat, Jun 05 2004, 05:06:48PM]:
> > > I reported this bug on libgdiplus.  The maintainer is not doing a very 
> > > speedy job of closing bugs or keeping mono installable!  (Is there a 
> > > debian-mono list?)

Btw, http://pkg-mono.alioth.debian.org

> > WTF? Did you spent any second of your brain CPU time to think about how
> > this happens and how we can fix it? If you would have, you would notice
> > that there is currently no good way to work around it.
> That doesn't explain why this bug:
> Debian Bug report logs - #244697
> libgdiplus: uninstallable with libmono0 0.31-2
> filed against 0.2-1 was not closed when 0.2-2 was released.

Fine. And you Cc' to this mailing list was to show...what? Why not
contacting the maintainer first? Or ask on debian-mono mailing lists?
(they are not soo hard to be found)

> libgdiplus has broken mono several times now.

Yeah, the "mono" *METAPACKAGE*. All important components were still
installable and upgradeable.

Streite nie im Ernst, es könnte spaßig werden!

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