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Re: uscan over all packages....

Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo dijo [Fri, Jun 04, 2004 at 08:11:17PM +0200]:
> From what I have found, the best and seems the only information is 
> `man 1 uscan`.

It is quite an easy system, I find that one to be enough for me :)

> I've added watch files for 6-7 of my packages already, and seems that
> it's extremely easy. At least it seems to work ;)
> version=2
> http://www.megastep.org/makeself/makeself-(.*).run debian uupdate
> (../.)

I suggest you use instead:

http://www.megastep.org/makeself/makeself-(\d.*).run debian uupdate

I have found quite often that upstream makes a package with a similar
name that just brings chaos (i.e. makeself-doc-0.01 will seem newer
than makeself-1.50). 

> I also looked on some not-mine packages, and sometimes there is:
> (.*)\.tar\.gz instead of (.*).tar.gz
> I don't know why... or I don't know regexp as good as I should ;)

Because a . in a regex means 'just about anything', while a \. means
literaly a period. If you have a file named
something-tarigz, it will match .tar.gz, but it will not match \.tar\.gz

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