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libcurl2 7.12.0-1 breakage and its removal from unstable


  my latest curl upload has been very unlucky, i did not notice the
change in libcurl soname (#252348, #252442, ...).

given the particular moment for the distribution (and the pretty long
list of programs to be recompiled against the new library) it's probably
not a great idea to upload the package with a new library soname. hence i
need to revert to the previous version (correct me if i'm wrong please).

i'm currently seeing three solutions:

1) use epoch. the easiest solution, the one i like less.

2) upload with version like 7.12.0.is.7.11.2-1. almost easy as 1)
   but would mean an ugly version for sarge.

3) removal of curl 7.12.0-1 from unstable.

i'm writing to understand how broken is 3).

consider that most curl users actually use libcurl2 and then have
already installed the previous version to backup from the breakage.

please consider also that libcurl2-dev 7.12.0-1 has another bug (#252367,
missing build dependency) which make fail package building with this
broken lib. so no packages are built against it.

the most difficult problem i see is for those users that follow unstable
and that directly use curl and not its library. for them 3) would mean a
manual installation of a new 7.11.2 upload over their installed 7.12.0.
is this a acceptable step for who follows unstable which, how the name
say, could break things badly?

should 3) being not feasible i'll move with 2). i can't believe i'm
going to release sarge with 0 bugs on curl and a ugly version... sob :(


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