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debian open source study (again)

Hello again,

Sorry for disturbing this mailing-list again, but as you may know there is a little debian (open source) study going on. We have built a mailing list and wanted to make a "group discussion" with about 8-10 (or even more) debian developers. Our problem is, there are already 5 people subscribed (thank you!) and we need a few more. Our other problem is, we naively expected the "group discussion" to start without much stimulation from us, but by now there is only one guy actively participating (thank you!), so it is rather an interview than a discussion.

It would be very nice of you if you have a look at our mailing list "About Page" at https://admin.netshadow.at/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/debian-research (this should work by now) and then maybe start writing about your thoughts to (hopefully) provoke a real discussion with other developers and us. Please. Just write a little bit.


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