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Re: Canonical list of contributors

On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 07:05:37PM -0500, Scott Dier wrote:
> The hard part is defining the hard line between bug reporter and 
> contributer.  I'm asking the list for their feelings (and clarification) 
>  to the list above and their feelings of handling the list in the 
> manner described above.

I don't believe that's the hard part. Whomever produces a (non-trivial)
patch that fixes a bug/introduces a feature/you call it can be considered a
contributor. Consider the BTS a CVS and all those who send patches CVS 
uploaders who get "reviewed" by the maintainer before applying. Similary 
for those who send patches to the maintainer directly.

The list, IMHO should include:
- Upstream authors/translators (without them Debian cannot do a thing)
- Debian developers
- Translators within Debian 
- People that have contributed something that eventually found its way to a 
Debian package (be it through the BTS or through direct e-mail)



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