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Re: RHN-like applet for APT?

On Tue, Feb 10, 2004 at 04:04:28PM +0100, Bluefuture wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a need for a RHN-like applet for APT? If yes, is it possible to
> port the RHN applet to support apt repositories (written in python) or
> would a re-write be warranted?

Just for the record. There is a RHN-like applet for APT, it's called 
apt-watch (it might not be too easy to find out though).

> Would anyone be interested in seeing such a project take shape?

I found the above the hardway, that is, after porting the RHN-applet myself 
from RedHat to Debian, learning GNOME-Python along the way. I have a 
working applet [1], if anyone is interested, with the same exact features 
as the RHN applet (the capability to 'ignore' packages).

If anyone wants to invest time in this appet please let me know, I rather 
invest time cooperating with apt-watch and improving that applet with some 
of the (nice) features of the RHN applet. It's also something that might be 
good to include in the default GNOME setup in Debian.



[1] Some features, like configuration saving and launching the update
application don't work, but I'm not going to invest more time on that. 

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