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Canonical list of contributors

One thing that came up in the Debconf4 NM BOF is that we don't acknowledge our contributors enough. One suggestion I made is that we should attempt to make a list of contributors who are:

* debian developers
* provided patches
* translated strings
* sponsored hardware/conferences/etc.
* etc, your idea here. ie: the people and companies that made Debian possible

I don't really want to get to the point of acknowledging every bug reporter, but we really dont have a list like what Mozilla has. This sort of list would take massive support from individual developers. It would be needed that developers look over their changelogs and bugs and figure out which people did said things and add them to the list.

My personal feeling is that the list should be kept in CVS and in alphabetical order. A developer could then check it out, add in the people who weren't there yet, and then check it back in.

The hard part is defining the hard line between bug reporter and contributer. I'm asking the list for their feelings (and clarification) to the list above and their feelings of handling the list in the manner described above.


Scott Dier <dieman@ringworld.org> KC0OBS http://www.ringworld.org/

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