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Re: Canonical list of contributors

On Tue, 01 Jun 2004 19:05:37 -0500, "Scott Dier" <dieman@ringworld.org>
> My personal feeling is that the list should be kept in CVS and in 
> alphabetical order.  A developer could then check it out, add in the 
> people who weren't there yet, and then check it back in.
> The hard part is defining the hard line between bug reporter and 
> contributer.  I'm asking the list for their feelings (and clarification) 
>   to the list above and their feelings of handling the list in the 
> manner described above.

Is there no way we can automate this? My feeling is that everyone who has
a name on a changelog should be listed as a contributor. It would also be
nice to have some policy that says not listing a patch contributor in a
changelog is a serious bug.

Rob Taylor

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