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Re: Translation of NEWS.Debian

Quoting Andreas Tille (tillea@rki.de):

> Make use of DDTP? ;-)

Maybe....but probably with a few changes. I certainly don't want to
throw stones at Grisu's work, but currently, for instance, we are
reluctant to use it for debconf templates for a few reasons:

-bases on binary packages rather than source packages. This is a great
problem for debconf templates

-review on translations based on mail exchanges, so no difficult "team

However, I think that the DDTP framework can be used along with the
nice framework we got from Denis Barbier and will get from Martin
Quison, from instance. DDTS could be the entry point for "getting work
to do" for people who aren't highly computer-skilled.

Basically, all these framework ideas need to remember one thing among
the most iportant I wanted to point during my debconf talk : L10N is
THE place where we can have non-geek/Non-techies give a strong
contribution to Debian. We already felt this in the d-i l10n effort, I
discussed this with several people here in Brazil and there is
definitely something to do.

IMHO, the great quality of the DDTP project is for sure the mail
interface which is a *very* simple way to get "work to do". So, it
could be one of the entry points to an elaborated framework (based on
cvs/svn) such as the one Martin Quison, Nikolai, Jure (and maybe
others) are currently thinking about.......

A mail interface for grabbing "work to do" and make the final commits
is certainly great. However, the intermediate work has to be done
collectively though all our *-l10n-* mailing lists.

So, well, please continue dropping ideas around this,
discussing.....sharing thoughts.....

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