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Re: Translation of NEWS.Debian

On Tue, Jun 01, 2004 at 08:37:33AM -0300, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Andreas Tille (tillea@rki.de):
> > Make use of DDTP? ;-)
> Maybe....but probably with a few changes. I certainly don't want to
> throw stones at Grisu's work, but currently, for instance, we are
> reluctant to use it for debconf templates for a few reasons:
> -bases on binary packages rather than source packages. This is a great
> problem for debconf templates
> -review on translations based on mail exchanges, so no difficult "team
> effort".

DDTP and debconf-templates:
  Now I don't reactivate the debconf modul in ddts. (tasksel dito)

  And I don't think, I should activate it in the old way. The debconf
  part of the ddtp make some problmes in the past and I will think about
  some aspects before we get new problmes..

The DDTP is a very good framework, if you
 - have >1000 little text
 - no other used translation framework
 - some translators

If you have large text, that you can't translate 'by the way' or if you
as translator need some skills, the DDTP is not the right way.

> However, I think that the DDTP framework can be used along with the
> nice framework we got from Denis Barbier and will get from Martin
> Quison, from instance. DDTS could be the entry point for "getting work
> to do" for people who aren't highly computer-skilled.
> Basically, all these framework ideas need to remember one thing among
> the most iportant I wanted to point during my debconf talk : L10N is
> THE place where we can have non-geek/Non-techies give a strong
> contribution to Debian. We already felt this in the d-i l10n effort, I
> discussed this with several people here in Brazil and there is
> definitely something to do.
> IMHO, the great quality of the DDTP project is for sure the mail
> interface which is a *very* simple way to get "work to do". So, it
> could be one of the entry points to an elaborated framework (based on
> cvs/svn) such as the one Martin Quison, Nikolai, Jure (and maybe
> others) are currently thinking about.......
> A mail interface for grabbing "work to do" and make the final commits
> is certainly great. However, the intermediate work has to be done
> collectively though all our *-l10n-* mailing lists.
> So, well, please continue dropping ideas around this,
> discussing.....sharing thoughts.....

Yes, maybe we should make a ddtp-like mail interface to other
translations projekt.

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