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Re: Lost Trust

On Sun, May 30, 2004 at 11:31:45PM -0500, Ed wrote:
> I'm a recent convert to debian at home and I was considering switching
> to it for development at work.  I've been tracking sarge weeklies with
> jigdo and lost my network device when the tg3 network driver was
> removed without warning.
> I have to say I'm very disappointed.  I had this implicit trust that
> releases would get progressively better.  On my part, I would test
> them and if anything broke, I would help debug it.
> I never would have guessed that my working system would have been
> intentionally broken.  
> The lists don't offer any consolation - I now see it was deleted because
> a patch to fix broken hardware was not offered in source form.  Right.
> Do I have to read every changelog.Debian before accepting package
> upgrades?  Is there any reason I should trust debian again?

Umm, in a word, yes, you probably should at least eyeball the changelogs for
significant parts of your system to avoid nasty surprises. Keeping half an
eye on -devel would also help. You're testing a pre-release version of the
OS here. I think you'd be justified in your stance if woody had tg3
support, and you did a dist-upgrade to sarge once it had been released
(after reading the release notes) and your tg3 support disappeared without

Stick at it, it's fun, but you need to participate fully if you don't want
to get nasty surprises.



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