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Re: Lost Trust

On Sun, May 30, 2004 at 11:31:45PM -0500, Ed wrote:
> The lists don't offer any consolation - I now see it was deleted because
> a patch to fix broken hardware was not offered in source form.  Right.
> Do I have to read every changelog.Debian before accepting package
> upgrades?  Is there any reason I should trust debian again?

Debian has two goals, as defined in the social contract -- to help our users
and to help Free Software.  When those goals collide, sometimes things get
squished.  Unfortunately, it appears you're jam this time.

As to trusting Debian, I'd be inclined to point my distrust at vendors who
don't make specifications or drivers available for their hardware, but maybe
that's just me.  Perhaps you can't trust Debian to do what you want.  That's
a call you have to make.  What you can trust is that Debian will adhere to
it's Social Contract.  It's something that not a lot of Linux distributions
have.  If the terms of that Social Contract don't please you, then it's time
to find another distribution.

In the case of non-free firmware and the associated brou-ha-ha, it was
decided, I think, that the needs of our users was best served in the long
term by also helping Free Software.  Considering we have both to worry
about, there wasn't much else we could do.

> a disillusioned 
> convert.

Sooner or later all our dreams are shattered.  That's life.

- Matt

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