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Re: Don't understand the trouble with firmware !

Op wo 26-05-2004, om 14:52 schreef A Mennucc:
> Big CPU company NZQ has announced the next version of its renowned 
> BCGREBA 64 bit CPU
> this version provides 32 bit emulation thru a software emulator that is 
> loaded into L1 cache at runtime by the kernel (this has practical 
> advantages, since, when the 32 bit emulation is not needed, the full 
> cache of 8MB can help the CPU run at its fantastic speed of 1 zillion Hz)
> NZQ has offered the binary to Linus Torvalds, and it is available in the 
> popular Linux kernel, that can then run legacy 32 bit applications: this 
> provides a transition path for companies already running their 
> application with Linux
> the distribution Debian, though has refused to currently support this 
> CPU,

Why would we do that?

We would refuse to distribute the emulator, so as distributed by
default, the system would not be able to run the outdated and deprecated
32 bit mode. It would, however, be able to run the much more interesting
64 bit mode, and people that really need the 32 bit mode (because
they're running other non-free software, most likely) will be able to
use it if they get the 32 bit firmware from somewhere else -- all the
required DFSG-free bits to do that would be distributed by Debian.

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