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Re: @debian.org email forwarding and SPF

On Fri, 21 May 2004 01:23, Andrew Suffield <asuffield@debian.org> wrote:
> > This is partially correct, but not entirely.  If you receive a mail from
> > a non-existent domain, you can very safely ignore the mail altogether. 
> > So the first evasion scheme is not of any use.
> Tell that to the spammers. They certainly seem to think it's useful;
> they've been doing it for years.

As the number of mail servers that reject such mail increases spammers will 
stop doing it.

> The fact that you, personally, filter these is not relevant; you are
> not their target. Their target is the sort of person too stupid to
> filter these mails. You're just collateral damage.

Their target is the typical AOL and hotmail user.  When AOL and hotmail start 
rejecting such mail spammers will change tactics.

> > The second is somewhat useful for
> > certain period of time, until most sites enable SPF.
> Stop. SPF is not suitable for use on most sites. See this thread. Your
> argument is predicated on this not being true.

SPF is more difficult to implement on sites such as debian.org.  However such 
sites are a very small minority of all email addresses.  If you count the 
number of email accounts controlled by the 6-10 biggest US ISPs and the 20 
biggest European ISPs then you would probably find that they count for about 
half the Internet population.

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