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orphaning packages

Due to the fact that I'm no longer interested in dealing with package
sponsorship issues anymore, I'm orphaning my packages.

They are:

* devmapper
* lvm2
Both important packages, devmapper is used by evms and lvm2, and lilo
depends upon it.  Matt or Patrick, I would assume one (or both) of you
would want it.  Patrick, you're already an lvm2 co-maintainer; should I
should just bump you up to maintainer?

* firestring
* firedns
* messagewall
Firestring and firedns are both very simple libraries (although a few
versions behind).  No outstanding bugs exist.  Messagewall is a very
useful daemon that sits in front of your SMTP server, filtering spam,
virus, and other such nastiness.  Upstream is working on a new version
(I try to bug him about it whenever I see him), but the current version
is over a year old.  There's also a rewrite planned, w/ things like
threading and pam auth; I don't know where that stands atm.

* keepalived
This daemon handles both VRRP failover and LVS clustering.  It's a
highly useful package, up-to-date and w/ no outstanding bugs.

* par2cmdline
This is useful for parity checking; for you usenet alt.binaries.*
addicts, it's pretty popular there (among other places).

* libapache2-mod-perl2
Thom's officially the maintainer, but hasn't had time for it since the
initial release.  It has a few outstanding bugs, and generally requires
the ability to read some (rather horrid) perl.  Thom, if you want to
step back up as the maintainer, let me know; otherwise, it's up for
grabs.  It's also a version behind, as the new upstream release has a
license change.  See 
<http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.debian.devel.legal/12591> for more

Any packages that don't get picked up get tossed to the QA group.

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