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Re: Removing system accounts on --purge

* Stephen Gran (sgran@debian.org) [040516 23:40]:
> I recently filed a bug (http://bugs.debian.org/249354) on a package
> because I felt it did not clean up after itself.  The problem was the
> package creates a system user account, and does not remove it on purge.
> The maintainer disagrees, and says that system accounts should never be
> removed by packages.  I disagree, but do not feel hugely strongly about
> it - I ask mostly because I also maintain a package which creates a system
> account, only I _do_ remove them on purge.  I am wondering which way
> people think is the correct way to handle this?

There are two opinions about this. The one is:
- Never remove any account, because that blocks re-using the uid
- Remove everything on purge, including accounts.

Both have good reasons. I'm for the first, but YMMV.

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