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Re: How to promote Linux: make schools migrate! (Agenda)

On Saturday 15 May 2004 00:31, Rudi Effe wrote:
> There are several reasons why to use linux - this is about how to
> promote its usage.

Gah! Please, whatever you finally do, make sure that
- you capitalize Linux, as it's a name
- you don't confuse Linux with the open source movement or use it as a synonym 
for a distribution based on it("I use linux 8.1 on my PC."). Linux is just a 

> viruses  are well known motives to push you off windows - but what are

Again, (almost) nobody wants to live without windows, surely not me. Point is 
that you rather mean the product MS Windows[1].

> This means: Make schools migrate to Linux and you can sit and watch
> people sticking to it! (Was there ever another OS?)

I personally hope that mature people will be aware that there are other OSs 
and that they have a choice, MS Windows being on of them.

> __epilogue___:
> act first, then discuss!

Despite my criticisms, it is a Good Thing(tm) which you do. Thank you.



[1] I personally adopted saying (even when spoken) 'MS Windows', wondering 
whether the legislative fiasco of Lindows in some countries could have been 
avoided by that...

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