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Re: How to promote Linux: make schools migrate! (Agenda)

Dear Timothy,

I really enjoyed reading your personal reply (this is saying thank you).

Sat, May 15 2004 04:40 wrote Timothy Demulder:

-- snip --

> I support the views and ideas described in your mail, it's important
> to let the children see another operating system, to let the world
> know Windows isn't the only OS, but without proper explanation the
> children in the school I work for would think 'Linux' is Gnome.

I think your work at that local school deserves respect and can't be 
> What I'm trying to say is that when it comes to children, I don't
> feel it's ok to just let them use an operating system, you have to
> inform them as well.

Well, of course you are right: Talking about "Linux" and omitting GNU is 
incorrect, if you want to be precise. And yes, _using_ Gnu/Linux is one 
thing, knowing about it is another. But the latter provides the first, 
and my approach was to plea for supporting the usage of GNU/Linux at 
schools. I consider this as a crucial issue. 

If you are already supporting schools in this, there is no need to 
convince you. But maybe we can recrute some more recources for 
developing educational software -- and this is why this _is_ the right 
list for this discussion.

(Sometimes I feel like my English prevents me from being more 
convincing, sorry).


P.S.: Not every school has its local "geek" to get debian running. This 
is the approach of school client / server systems like skolelinux. If 
you want have "ordinary teachers" to install and administrate a 
computer system based on open source, check it out.

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