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Re: Bug#240889: AMD64 Port: Almost all packages are ready to be uploaded

On 04-May-12 04:25, Branden Robinson wrote:
> Hmmm.  When you submitted the original patch, you said it was "tested".
> In the future, please don't oversell the state of a patch you submit.

Come on, I did not oversell anything.

The original bug report stated two build problems on amd64 and described 
a possible solution. You added the 'help' tag to the bug and
requested a patch against the current svn trunk. I tried to figure out 
how to do that, created a patch and checked if it solved the build 
problems stated in the original bug report. It did solve those build 
problems and I posted the patch to the BTS with the statement 
that 'it works for me'. What I meant with this was that it solves the 
build problems stated in the original bug report.

This patch still stands as I originally posted it. I never claimed that 
this patch solves all problems for the amd64 architecture.

However, I tried to create another patch to solve the remaining 
xfree86 build problems on amd64 and posted the result of these efforts 
to the BTS. 

With the help of others working on the amd64 port and 
two small changes/additions to my patch there 
is now a patch which seems to make xfree86 work on amd64.

What would be the correct way to proceed now?

Andreas Jochens

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