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kernel-source : end of tg3 NIC support (because of firmware) ?

I need Tigon3 (tg3) support for a 10/100/1000 NIC used
on a Dell PowerEdge hosting machine. Installing Debian on it
wasnt easy (custom 2.4 kernel built and put on install CD...)

Discussion about nonfree firmware removal in Debian seems to affect us:
tg3 support has been removed from kernel-source-2.6.5-1 [1]:

"   * Removed non-free firmware and disabled their drivers (see #239952):
    . TIGON3: drivers/net/tg3.c"

Indeed Bug #239952 (kernel-source) says 'fixed in 2.6.5-1'
So, no tg3.c anymore in Debian 2.6 (recent) kernels, as stated in [2]:

"> drivers/scsi/qla2xxx and drivers/net/tg3.  They will both be
 > removed in the next release of the relevant packages."

Apparently, tg3.c is not yet removed from kernel-source-2.4.26
(-1 in testing, -2 in unstable).

Will tg3 remain in 2.4 kernel-source packages in future versions?
(This would be great, as tg3 is quite common NIC)
or should I drop .deb kernel packagees
and use vanilla kernels from kernel.org ?


[1] kernel-source-2.6.5_2.6.5-4/changelog

[2] Re: New summary: Binary peripheral software

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