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Re: kernel-source : end of tg3 NIC support (because of firmware) ?

Christophe Chisogne wrote:
Will tg3 remain in 2.4 kernel-source packages in future versions?
(This would be great, as tg3 is quite common NIC)
or should I drop .deb kernel packagees
and use vanilla kernels from kernel.org ?

Usually these things sort out themselves, i'm expecting a kernel-image-2.6-non-free-parts (what a wonderful package name) to appear in non-free. This means that the user has to install one extra package to get tg3 support. Ofcourse, i'm not involved in kernel packaging or anything like that. This is just another idea how this could be solved.

Until then, i think i'll build my own kernels from vanilla sources..

Regards, Sami

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