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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

On Mon, May 10, 2004 at 12:51:31PM +0100, Matthew Garrett wrote:
> Santiago Vila wrote:
> >Messages from non-subscribers or non-registered people would not count as
> >"false positives" since the list policy would be to not allow such posts.
> This is not a desirable policy. If you want solutions, could you please
> consider those that don't contain an implicit change in current policy?

The one list we currently have that has a subscribers-only policy has
also been a pretty good failure. The debian-ctte@l.d.o list has been
subscribers only for quite a while now, and it has resulted in the
number of posts going down substantially.

When non-subscribers try to post on that list, they get a message
warning them that their message wasn't posted because of
subscribers-only policy. From what I've seen, basically no one bothers
subscribing to the list, and sending the message again. If this is what
happens on a list such as debian-ctte, imagine what it would be like on
a more user-oriented list.



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