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Re: Spam in the lists out of control

Milan P. Stanic wrote:
> Marco d'Itri wrote:
> > [snip] or have Blars Blarson try on
> > murphy the same recipes he uses to filter spam in the BTS.
> Please, no! If Blars puts his recipes I will not be able to post
> to Debian mailing lists anymore, because his lists is bad.

I do not know what RBLs are under discussion.

> My mail server isn't source of spam for sure, but Blars doesn't think
> so because my server is on the network ( which is
> (probably) source of spam. :-(

The IP address you posted from appears to be  It does
not appear in any of the realtime blackhole lists that I checked.  Of
course there are others which I did not check.  But this is a pretty
wide sampling of the popular ones.

  rblcheck.pl not RBL filtered by list.dsbl.org not RBL filtered by rbl-plus.mail-abuse.org not RBL filtered by dul.dnsbl.sorbs.net not RBL filtered by bl.spamcop.net not RBL filtered by relays.ordb.org not RBL filtered by cbl.abuseat.org not RBL filtered by sbl.spamhaus.org


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