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Re: libpng status update

Hi Josselin,

 > >   * scripts/makefile.linux: use versioned dependencies
 > >     (closes: #155891).
 > >   * debian/rules: bump dependency for dh_makeshlibs.
 > > 
 > >  but if that's it it's way too terse.
 > This is the correct changelog entry. Packages need to be rebuilt with
 > this version to make use of versioned symbols, and then get the
 > correct dependency (libpng12-0 >=

 Ah... ok.

 I'm sorry for being dense, it's been too long since this whole thing
 started, and I must have forgotten something, but I don't get this from
 your original message:

 > Please rebuild these packages, especially library ones. Don't change
 > anything to the build dependencies, just upload a new version.

 Why must we not change the build dependency to >=  If the
 purpose of the rebuild is to get this right, we want to get this really
 right, don't we?  In fact I'd also change:

    Package: libdevil-dev
    Depends: libdevil1 (= ${Source-Version}), ..., libpng12-0-dev (>=, ...

 what am I missing?  (Probably a lot, I've got a horrible cold)


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