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Re: Locale problems (was Re: definition of COUNTRY)

>> The 'locale modifiers' exist for just such a situation;
>> zh@traditional, zh@simplified
>> You can add a modifier to a locale name with '@modifier';
>> if there are multiple modifiers use commas.
>Very interesting.
>Maybe we should ask the Chinese what the locales zh_CN, zh_TW and zh_HK 
>exactly refer to in GNU/Debian.
>My opinion is that in GNU/Linux, we can use the same words to describe
>zh_CN and zh@simplified,
>zh_TW and zh@traditional,
>and that zh_HK means Cantonese.
>Let's ask and wait.

Just to clarify: nobody _currently_ uses zh@traditional, etc. to 
my knowledge; but the modifiers mechanism exists for this
kind of use. It certainly doesn't make semantic sense to use
the country code to infer writing 'style', when mainland chinese
may use Traditional, etc.


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