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Re: Definition of COUNTRY (Was: Resignation)

> Stop refering to Google. The only world authority are the United-Nations.

What, were there no countries before 1946? The same rule apply before
as they do now: do you actually control the area? 

There is a government on Taiwan that controls the citizens of Taiwan 
and isn't controlled by China. It doesn't follows the laws of China
and posesses implements of war that no country tolerates in the hands of
private citizens. If Chinese military attempted to land forces on Taiwan, 
they would get shot at. And China isn't contesting any of these facts
with military force. So Taiwan is a nation, by simple fact.

China claiming Taiwan is part of China is like the US claiming Canada
is part of the US; until we actually roll tanks across the border, it's
just empty words. 

The UN certainly influences which nations are recognzied by other nations,
and there are certain political reasons, which I don't feel competent to
judge, for the UN not to formally recognize Taiwan as a nation. That
beaucratic decision doesn't affect the reality of the fact, though.

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