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Re: Definition of COUNTRY (Was: Resignation)

Le jeudi 6 Mai 2004 13:46, D. Starner a écrit :
> Stop refering to Google. The only world authority are the United-Nations.
> What, were there no countries before 1946? The same rule apply before
> as they do now: do you actually control the area?
> The UN certainly influences which nations are recognzied by other nations,
> and there are certain political reasons, which I don't feel competent to
> judge, for the UN not to formally recognize Taiwan as a nation. That
> beaucratic decision doesn't affect the reality of the fact, though.

The Bush forces are showing us a real example of non-bureaucratic actions,
so I will not take the time to reply.

To come to the technical point, the locale system is buggy because zh_CN 
reffers to "simplified Chinese" and zh_TW to "traditionnal Chinese", which in 
reality have little to do with countries. It is an historical error in Unix.

It would be nice if the installer could display "Traditionnal Chinese" and 
"Simplified Chinese". I think that the RH installer does this (although I am 
not sure).

Why not ask the Chinese their point of view.

They should be able to decide whether they prefer a reference to 
China/Hong-Kong/Taiwan or to their glyph system (Trad/Simpl).


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