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Language variants in Debian Installer (was: Re: Resignation)

(please folloup to -boot)

Quoting Henning Makholm (henning@makholm.net):
> Scripsit Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com>
> > As the listing is in fact a map from the second part of locales to
> > names, it should probably ask the user to select "country or region".
> How about just calling it "(language) variant"? That would seem to
> sidestepping sidestepping the - apparently controversial - issue of
> choosing a generic noun to cover geographical areas.
> For example "country or region" does not begin to describe the issues
> involved in choosing between the "nynorsk" and "bokmål" ortographies
> for the Norwegian language. Perhaps we're handling that by considering

This choice is part of languagechooser, not countrychooser.

In Debian Installer, it is very clear that language variants are
selected through languagechooser. Even for the two languages we
currently have for which the variants are chosen by a "region" code
("pt" vs. "pt_BR" and "zh_CN" vs "zh_TW").

> them separate languages (I'm too lazy to check), but as far as I
> understand the situation should fairly closely parallel the different
> ways of writing down Chinese [1]. It would be sensible to handle them
> though a common mechanism.
> [1] Except that users of nynorsk resp. bokmål are not conveniently
>     grouped geographically.

The case for Norwegian is indeed really easy to deal with as there are
two iso-639 language codes for Bokmål and nynorsk..... If you look at
languagechooser, you will find two different entries for both
Norwegian languages.

Dealing with pt/pt_BR is a bit less easier as it is currently
impossible for someone to choose the Brazilian Portuguese translations
and any country (portuguese speaking or not) other than Brazil.....so
I'm afraid a Brazilian guy living in Portugal has a small problem.

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