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Re: Resignation

Le mercredi 5 Mai 2004 16:29, Wang WenRui a écrit :
>         /---------------------[Choose *country*]-----------------\
>         | Choose your country:                                   |
>         |                                                        |
>         |  China                                                 |
>         |  Hong Kong                                             |
>         |  Taiwan                                                |
>         |                                                        |
>         |                                                        |
>         \_______________________________________________________/
> This is ridiculous.

The installer is asking people to choose between traditional and simplified 
Chinese, with regards to the habits of people living in the corresponding 
locations (China, Hong Kong and Taiwan). 

As for Linux, the Chinese locales will always be a problem because zh_CN means 
"Chinese simplified as spoken in continental China" and zh_TW means "Chinese 
traditional as spoken in Taiwan". It is an historical error in Unix, due to 
the ignorance of the early developers, and it can hardly be changed.

You are right to notice that the word "country" should be changed. I don't 
know the installer enough to make a proposal, but "location" seems more 

From memory, RH installer proposes "Traditional Chinese" and "Simplified 
Chinese". Since I migrated to Debian, I forgot everything about RH. Can you 
confirm this is the case in the RH installer?

Cheers, Jean-Michel

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