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Re: Resignation

On  5.V.2004 at 11:37 (+0200) Josip Rodin wrote:
> After everything, Xu quits Debian because of *nationalism*!
> Excuse me now as I go away and laugh my ass off.

Probably things are more complicated than they seam to be.  AFAIK
there are many people (a majority?) in Taiwan that do not want
independence from China (of course they want independence from Peoples
Republic of China).  Both in P.R.of China and Taiwan R.O.C there are
many people that do not want se see the breakage irreversible.  On the
other hand after so many years, naturaly in Taiwan there are people
that want their own independent country forever.  I am not sure
whether people that belong to "stable" nations and states from ages
can understand how sore can be the present processes in Taiwan for the
people in the both parts of China.

So it is probably not just a nationalism (in the way I understand this
word) but a matter of the real life.

I am not sure if Debian is able to find a compromise but it seams to
me that the following statement is acceptable for the people in Taiwan
and less unacceptable for the people in P.R. of China: "Taiwan is part
of China, but it is not part of P.R. of China."  Not sure if it is
possible to find a short teritory name with this semantics.

By the way the name of Hong Kong in debian-installer is "Hong Kong"
and nobody objected that this means that Hong Kong is independent from
China.  Why it should be different with Taiwan?

Anton Zinoviev

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