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Re: dh_installdocs ignores package.README.Debian

>>>>> "Jeroen" == Jeroen van Wolffelaar <jeroen@wolffelaar.nl> writes:

    Jeroen> Pure memory, and it failed. debian/[<pkg>.]NEWS (via
    Jeroen> dh_installchangelogs) and debian/[<pkg>.]TODO (via
    Jeroen> dh_installdocs) have this kind of behaviour, indeed as
    Jeroen> others have said debian/[<pkg>.]README.Debian doesn't work
    Jeroen> this way.

Huh? Maybe I am getting confused, but according to the man page:

       "Also, debian/README.Debian (or debian/README.debian) and
       debian/TODO, if they exist, will be installed into the first
       binary package listed in debian/control, if dh_installdocs is
       acting on that package. Note that debian/TODO will be installed
       named TODO.Debian, if the package is not a debian native
       package. Also note that README.debian is installed as
       README.Debian, for consistency. Note that
       debian/package.README.Debian and debian/package.TODO can be
       used to specify files for subpackages."

So it would appear that debian/<pkg>.TODO is supported, *and*
debian/<pkg>.README.Debian is also supported.

Or maybe you were concluding that debian/<pkg>.README isn't supported,
but in that case you have agreed that the initial poster had done the
correct thing[1].

    Jeroen> NEWS & TODO are also documented in the manpage as such.

    Jeroen> I think it's really like someone else says, that your dh_*
    Jeroen> invocation is broken.

In what way is it broken? He said he named it
debian/<pkg>.README.Debian, and that is the filename listed in the

He didn't list README.Debian on the command line, but according to the
documentation (and my reading of the code), it should get installed

If I encountered this problem, I would look at the -v flag, it might
give debugging information. Failing this, I might try strace, but that
is an advanced technique that might overwhelm some people with loads
of useless data.


[1] Also debian/<pkg>.README.debian seems to be supported, although
not documented, and probably should be avoided. From the code:

        # .Debian is correct, according to policy, but I'm easy.
        my $readme_debian=pkgfile($package,'README.Debian');
        if (! $readme_debian) {
        if ($readme_debian && ! excludefile($readme_debian)) {

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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