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Re: impolite developers

On Sun, 2 May 2004 07:18:38 +0200, Ingo Juergensmann <ij@2004.bluespice.org> said: 

> Discussing how to ignore people publically is not what I expect from
> adult developers of Debian. That's highly impolite and tasteless.

	Why is it impolite to ignore people? And, I think it can show
 a great deal of taste in whose opinions you do not listen to.  I
 reserve the right to not listen to whomsoever I chose (not to listen
 to).  People may have a right to speech, but they certainly do not
 have right to my time.

> As adults you should've learned to respect other peoples opinions

	Not everyones. Not all opinions are equal, despite whatever
 post modernists say. I certainly put more value on some peoples
 opinions than others -- and I have no problem taking technical
 measures to ensure that my time is not wasted byu opinions I find

> regardless if they match your own POV or if they sound silly to you.

	Care to tell me why wasting my time would be a good thing? Or
 why wasting other peoples time (since there would come a time where I
 would get irritated enough to comment on that opinion, and the
 resulting flame war would get us nowhere).

> This kind of bad behaviour is part of the big picture why Debian is
> often considered arrogant and why it has a bad reputation to users.

	Frankly, if ignoring inane opinions and noisy people and not
 flaming them to crisp is bad behaviour, I have not yet achieved a
 state of nirvana.

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