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Re: Discussion Pre-Dependency of cdd-common

On Mon, 3 May 2004, Frank Lichtenheld wrote:

> Can you explain in more detail in which maintainer scripts the scripts
> are called under which circumstances?
> Is this is only a problem with cdd-0.2? If yes, is it really necesarry to
> introduce a pre-depends just for the sake of smooth upgrades for unstable
> users?
Yes.  I only noticed the problem on a machine I did not updated from cdd-common
0.2 to 0.3 in my development process.  If you have installed cdd-common 0.2
on a machine the postinst script of the debian-med tools (version 0.6 which
depends on cdd-common 0.2) failed because the tools from cdd-common 0.2
were just removed and tried the new postinst script which depended from a
config file in cdd-common 0.3 which was not yet installed.

We are only talking about stuff which was in testing before.  Stable is
not concerned.  So it is just for the sake of a smooth upgrade
one version in testing to another one.

Kind regards


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