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Discussion Pre-Dependency of cdd-common

[Note to debian-custom readers: Please do not cross-post.  This issue has to be
 discussed on debian-devel according to policy "3.5. Dependencies".  The reason
 why I CCed debian-custom was only to attract the notice of the interested people
 from debian-custom to the relevant thread in debian-devel.]


current Debian-Med packages do not install if you have cdd-0.2 installed on
your box.  The reason is that there where changes in the configuration files
from cdd-0.3 and some scripts necessary for installing med-* packages will
not be found as long as cdd-common (Version 0.3) is not configured.  That's
why I would like to use a Pre-Depends as described in Policy "3.5. Dependencies".

Kind regards


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